International Conference on Smart Devices (ICSD-2024)

2nd - 3rd May, 2024

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Chief Patron
Shri Jitender Joshi

Chancellor,Uttaranchal University

Prof.(Dr.) Dharam Buddhi

Vice Chancellor,Uttaranchal University

About International Conference on Smart Devices (ICSD-2024)

(Under the banner of Centre of Excellence for Smart Devices and IoT Applications)

International Conference on Smart Devices (ICSD-2024) unites conspicuous scholastic researchers, specialists, and exploration researchers to examine their skill and examination discoveries on all parts in Smart Devices.It will focus in on the fields of Smart Devices & IoT applications and how they can assume imperative part in reality. It additionally fills in as a maintransdisciplinary gathering for scientists, experts, and teachers to introduce and talk about the latest leap forwards, patterns, and worries, just as useful issues and arrangements in the spaces of Smart Devices & IoT applications.

The internet of things (IoT) involves the collection, analysis, and action of data created by networked items and equipment. The Internet, which was originally created to connect people, is now connecting items to people and gathering, analysing, and transmitting data on a continuous basis. Humans are developing a sixth sense in this regard. Sensors, networks, storage, and big data analytics are all important factors in IoT adoption.

Smart devices, which feature sensors, sophisticated computer units, and communication capabilities, are an essential component of the Internet of Things. Data from sensors is electronically turned into information (output) that can be used by ‘intelligent’ equipment or persons to make decisions. The data must be evaluated in order to gain insight into how “things” work. Big-data solutions that have been developed in recent years can manage substantially more data, both structured and unstructured.