International Conference on Smart Devices (ICSD-2024) unites conspicuous scholastic researchers, specialists, and exploration researchers to examine their skill and examination discoveries on all parts in Smart Devices.It will focus in on the fields of Smart Devices & IoT applications and how they can assume imperative part in reality. It additionally fills in as a maintransdisciplinary gathering for scientists, experts, and teachers to introduce and talk about the latest leap forwards, patterns, and worries, just as useful issues and arrangements in the spaces of Smart Devices & IoT applications.

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Topics (not limited too...)

Digital and Future cities
Smart houses
Internet of things in smart environments
Social networking in smart environments
Dynamic urban communications
Public display and search
Indoor communications
Smart mobility
Pervasive urban applications
Ubiquitous computing in digital cities
Mobile crowdsourcing applications
Rural communications
Ambient assisted living
Smart multimedia services
Smart urban electric cars
Smart atmospheric and population migration measurements
Smart energy and optimal consumption
Smartphones and smart spaces
Micro-payments and Ticketing by NFC mobile device
Health informatics in smart cities
Mobility monitoring and control in smart environments
Navigating in smart environments
Smart information processing and analytics
Use Cases for Smart Homes/Cities
Costs associated with smart cities
Citizen tracking systems
Smart systems for animal’s behavior and tracking